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For instrument builders

In addition to building and repairing nyckelharpas, I also make parts, templates,  molds and accessories for instrument builders. A professional CNC machine is used for this.


Sometimes certain works are too time consuming to make them by hand: the body of an electric guitar, a construction mold for a cello, the scribing template for a violin, ...

These are all things that are possible with the CNC machine. The speed and precision that the machine manages to combine make it an economic consideration to outsource this type of work. In a few minutes, the machine does the work that would take you several hours and this with high precision.

The traditional atmosphere in which the profession of instrument builder finds itself, might make some people reluctant to this technology. On the other hand, it must still be possible for a professional builder to make a living with it.

Feel free to contact me to see what the benefits would be for you!

More examples can be found in the gallery.

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