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About me

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Since my childhood, I was fascinated by 

music. When I was 15, someone gave me a construction plan for a dulcimer. He spoke the winged words: "Here, as you follow woodworking classes, I'm convinced you can build this for yourself."

This is where it all started ...

I got to know the nyckelharpa in Sweden during a visit at the Rättvik Folk Festival in the nineties. I first saw the instrument in the hands of Olov Johansson during a performance with his group Väsen. Since then the instrument has not let go of me.


In 2006 I built my first nyckelharpa. The violin making course that I followed came in handy here. However there are many other techniques involved as well of course ...


In addition to building instruments, I am also active as a department head of the International Lutherie School Antwerp (ILSA). The privilege of working with an internationally valued team of teachers has always been an enrichment in the acquisition of knowledge and experience!





During construction it is very important to understand the physics of the instrument. It gives you the opportunity to look for the perfect balance between the wood and the sound you want to pursue. That is why I always work with wood of the right quality and look for the best strings for each individual instrument.

I also attach great importance to the necessary consultation with the customer. The individual wishes are discussed and weighed up to obtain at an instrument that meets your comfort. In addition to appearance and tone colour, ergonomics are also very personal and important for your playing pleasure.


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